Meet the maker

Taylor founded Bare Goods nearly a decade ago. After completing her degree in furniture design from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, the goal was to find her voice as a maker and designer. That journey has lead her to the furniture and home goods found here. Taylor is a wife, mother, designer and maker inspired by a life of adventure currently in the foothills of Colorado. 

The idea behind Bare Goods is to focus on the essentials, designed with simplicity in mind to accentuate the beauty found in the grain of each piece of raw material. All of my work starts with hand picked hardwood, making your piece unique and unlike any other. Materials are carefully handcrafted through a process of milling, cutting, shaping, sanding and finishing. Our goal is provide you with home goods that will last, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy them for years to come. 

A note from Taylor -  I hope that you feel the same love and appreciation for the home goods that went into making them. They are designed with the goal of cultivating the perfect occasion for conversation amongst loved ones in your home.