Wood Care

Clean your handmade wooden items after each use. Every item in the photo above can be treated with the same process.

1. Rinse & Wash

After each use, rinse your item with water and then wash with mild soap with a sponge or soft scrubber. NEVER put your wooden items in the dishwasher as they are not dishwasher safe!

2. Dry Immediately

After washing your wooden items, dry immediately. Never let your wooden items soak.

3. Maintain

Apply food-safe mineral oil and beeswax once a month to polish your items. Butcher block oil and walnut oil work as well. This helps maintain a nice finish, seals the grain against moisture and bacteria, and prevents cracking.

Apply mineral oil with a lint-free cloth and let it soak overnight. Once dry, apply beeswax or butcher board cream using the same cloth material. This process will help your handmade items last for generations to come.

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