Handmade Home Goods & Modern Furniture

The Nature

Bare Goods strives to help you create a space where people can gather and interact while enjoying our products. Bringing together friends and family has always been important to us and it all began in our home.

Our goods come from the idea of “bare essentials.” We design with the intent of pure simplicity to accentuate the beauty of the wood grain. Each product is made from hand-picked hardwood which makes them unique and no two alike. They are then carefully handcrafted through a process of milling, cutting, shaping, sanding, finishing and are made to last as a staple in your home

The Goods

Each product is designed and handcrafted in Colorado! Every step is done by hand to achieve quality, authenticity and is made with love. 

Custom Goods

 Not seeing exactly what you want or want to change up one of the products on our site? Learn more about our custom goods process! 

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