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Bare Necessities

Our goods come from the idea of “bare essentials.” We design with the intent of pure simplicity to accentuate the beauty of the wood grain. Each product is made from hand-picked hardwood which makes them unique and no two alike. They are then carefully handcrafted through a process of milling, cutting, shaping, sanding, finishing and are made to last as a staple in your home. Bare Goods is a labor of love that strives to create handmade home good essentials that you will cherish and share with others for years to come. 

Taylor Thomas

The Face Behind

Bare Goods was born in early 2019 with the intention of making affordable, quality products for young adults like me. My husband Zach and I have always loved to host and cook. One of our favorite staples is putting together a Charcuterie board with an array of the best meats and cheeses we can find. We soon realized this was where the gathering and conversation began. As time went on, I decided to make a couple of wooden Charcuterie boards and they sold extremely fast. Originally a furniture maker, I continued moving forward with different shapes and sizes and created other small home goods along the way.

I started my craft in in 2015 at College for Creative Studies and received my B.F.A. in Art Furniture Design in 2018. Originally from the Detroit area, Zach and I desired a new adventure and moved from the Great Lakes of Michigan to the mountains of Colorado.

I hope that you feel the same love and appreciation for the home goods that we create, as they truly are designed and created with the goal of cultivating the perfect occasion for conversation amongst loved ones in your home.

 Handmade home goods are the starting point when it comes to Bare Goods capabilities. Classically trained as a furniture maker, I’ve set out to grow my skill set to fulfill all kinds of needs throughout the modern home. Zach and I plan to design and make furniture as a team, enjoying this passion and journey together.

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